Emporium and Melbourne Central Change the Face of CBD Shopping

417emporiumMelbourne CBD’s retail network just got a lot more exciting, as Emporium opened its seven floors of new retail space. Certainly the center’s 225 stores will be a great addition to the city’s retail mix, but that’s not the only change it brings.

That’s because Emporium doesn’t stand alone—it’s directly linked with Melbourne Central, Myer and David Jones. With its opening, Melbourne Central has also reopened its pedestrian bridges, linking the centers, department stores and Bourke Street Mall.

Melbourne Central General Manager Justin Shannon said the Centre welcomed the CBD’s re-connection:

“The opening of the pedestrian link bridges will boost the overall CBD shopping experience for our customer through a broader retail mix. Our positioning over two city blocks, with 880 car parks and the second busiest train station in Melbourne make Melbourne Central the best place to start and finish any CBD visit.

Greater access and convenience will reinforce the City of Melbourne as a must-visit shopping and lifestyle destination.”

Australian Retailers Association executive director Russell Zimmerman spoke to the Herald Sun about the change.

“We expect to see the Emporium actually change the foot traffic flow from what has traditionally been east-west, to north-south,” Mr Zimmerman says.

“We’ve got a new corridor that’s opening up through the city.”

As the paper points out, the flow of shopping hours is also changing as Emporium and Melbourne Central adjust their opening hours in line with Myer and David Jones. Shoppers will be able to visit the center until 7pm most nights, and until 9pm on Thursday and Friday.

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Century City Launches with Eco-Design

410centuryMakati, Philippines has a new shopping center to enjoy, as Century City Mall opened late last month. It kicked off its arrival as Century Properties’ flagship lifestyle and retail destination with a lavish gala, featuring fashion designer Francis Libiran and a capsule collection inspired by the architectural forms and branding graphics of the mall.

Award-winning eco-architect Jason Pomeroy was on hand to celebrate to opening of his project. “I’m delighted to have been invited to this special event and to see Century City Mall materialise from concept sketch to reality,” he said. “I am hugely grateful to Marco Antonio [acting COO of Century Properties], and Century Properties for both their faith and commitment to progressive and sustainable architecture.”

The development worked to challenge to standing paradigm of mall design with a back-to-eco-basics approach. The 22,000 sqm mall stands out with a shell-like exterior that seamlessly forms the wall and roof and protects the center from the elements. A series of skylights and air wells bring in natural light and ventilation, and the center features a series of stepped sky courts that make up external terraces for shoppers to dine and relax in.

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ICSC Launches African Research Group

The International Council of Shopping Centers has just announced its sixth regional research group, this time focused on Africa. It will be chaired and launched by Belinda Clur, a Cape Town resident and member of the North American and European research groups.

Property Wheel has the details:

“‘Because of her knowledge of ICSC research structures and operations and her own professional focus on developments across Africa, Ms. Clur is well placed to lead this initiative,” said Michael P. Niemira, director of research and chief economist for ICSC, based in New York. “It is also recognition of the strong case she has put within the ICSC for the African growth story in recent years and for an ICSC involvement on the continent.’

The proposed main aim of the group is to create a network of pan-African shopping centre, retail property and financial industry members to promote pan-African retail research, guide best practices and provide the ICSC with strategic direction and advice on industry issues and research initiatives that are specific to the African context.

Ms. Clur says ‘I believe the group will serve a highly valuable role for the ever increasing number of shopping centre investors and retailers pioneering into what are often uncharted territories across Africa. It will offer a platform for engagement and opportunities for experience sharing, networks and collaboration.“Given the alignment with and the support of the existing ICSC research groups, an added benefit will be an in-depth perspective of the dynamics of both emerging and developed economies.’”

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BCSC Retail Summit is Coming Up

The British Council of Shopping Centres is holding its second-annual Retail Summit on June 3 in London in association with Estates Gazette.

It’s likely to be a big day for retailers and those who work with them. The event offers looks at some key areas.

The day kicks off with a discussion of market analysis. Questions that will be discussed include the following:

  • Are potential investors nervous about customers changing habits?
  • Changing lease lengths – implications of ever shortening lease lengths
  • The widening yield gap from prime to secondary
  • Do investors continue to see the benefit of investing in retail?
  • The central London story
  • Flow of international money into London
  • The significance of the shopping centre
  • Where will future retail growth come from?

From there, the day will get into subjects like improving retail technological offerings, the challenge of high street, logistics of the retail offering and more.

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The SACSC Research Conference is Just Around the Corner

313sacscThe South African Council of Shopping Centres is holding its 2014 Research Conference very soon—April 9, to be precise.

Experience 2014 focuses on valuable research and the opportunities and resources that exist to put it into action as an effective retail tool. The organization encourages its members to take part in this key annual fixture in its schedule, as the value of data-driven decision making is hard to overstate.

“More and more, important decisions are research-driven, and best practice is underpinned by the resulting retail models. With consumer markets as varied those in South Africa, the SACSC Research Conference is structured to inform and empower retail. It will deliver a clearer, more nuanced picture of the market in which shopping centres and retailers work. Advances in technology are driving massive changes in shopper decision-making and buying patterns, making a careful understanding of customers even more essential for retail success.”

This year’s event takes places in Johannesburg, at the Hilton Sandton. Bookings are available online.

The program has a lot to offer marketers, with topics that include Experiential Marketing in a Retail Environment, Leveraging Technology, Demographic and Spatial Data to Unlock New Insights,Consumer demographics in a new context and a lot more.

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