Sneak Peek: October 23, 2014

tactics-teaser-23oct14Tactics Magazine:
We’ll tell you how one developer is mixing shopping and philanthropy online this Pink October.

trendz teaser 9oct14Marketing Trendz:
We take a close look at The Americana at Brand, Bikini Berlin, a food Battle with Bite, and more in this edition of Trendz.

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intu Trafford Centre Announces Christmas Partnership

1023snowmanIt’s beginning to look a little bit like Christmas, and shopping centers around the world are preparing to launch their holiday campaigns, put up their decor and kick off their events.

intu Trafford Centre has already announced a big surprise for this Christmas season: the center managed to secure an exclusive deal that will see intu Trafford Centre dressed up for the holidays with the help of The Snowman and The Snowdog, the beloved children’s characters first created by Raymond Briggs.

The center is taking full advantage of this first-of-its-kind partnership with what it describes as a “comprehensive through-the-line strategy.”

That strategy includes a limited run of 50,000 The Snowman and The Snowdog-branded gift cards. Marketing collateral has been prepared for plasma screens, poster sites, signage and bus backs. More than half a million mailers featuring the two beloved characters will be sent out, and of course plenty of social media content has been planned.

The center’s Christmas grotto will also feature the duo, with a special version of the animation, exclusive branded gifts and more.

Richard Paxton, general manager, explained: “This is a huge coup for us to forge a new relationship with such a friendly and iconic brand. The Snowman and The Snowdog evoke a true sense of family, and will help us to create some fabulous Christmas memories. We think our customers are going to adore what we have planned!”

“The festive season is our most vital time of the year, and competition between destinations is fierce. We believe we’ve struck upon a unique chance to stand-out from the crowd, and build an emotional bond between us and the millions of fans of The Snowman and The Snowdog.”

“We’re using various scenes from the film, plus some bespoke illustrations featuring our famous Dome, to support a whole range of Christmas messages, from our free parking to the Boxing Day sales, and from The Snowman and The Snowdog Grotto experience to our late festive opening hours. It’s just delightful to see these characters flying over the Manchester skyline as part of our ads, and we believe our family customers especially are going to really connect with our campaign.”

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QVB Opens its Doors for Sydney Open

Each year for the past decade, historical buildings and private landmarks in Sydney open their doors for one special day: Sydney Open.

Participants buy a city pass which gets them access to over 50 of Sydney’s best-loved buildings and spaces, encouraging a little urban exploration. Private office buildings, artist collectives, unique apartment buildings, architecture studios—a vertitable feast for anyone interested in architecture, history, design or city landmarks.

There aren’t many shopping centers involved this year, but Queen Victoria Building is taking part. The center’s home has been around for over a century, and it’s an architectural delight.

So much so that it’s part of a very special offering for Sydney Open. Everyone who purchased a Sydney Open City Pass before October 17 has a chance to win a Golden Ticket. Only 100 people received one, and it unlocked one extra stop for them on their Sydney Open tour: QVB’s iconic dome. The dome is normally closed to the public, but those lucky winners will have a chance to explore it in an exclusive focus tour.

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White Lion Walk Marks a Successful WWI Exhibition

1023poppyThis summer, White Lion Walk hosted a commemorative World War I exhibition to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, featuring a stunning array of information, memorabilia, and family recollections from the war.

As part of that exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to personalize a poppy cross for a small donation. The center used these to create a field of crosses on their memory wall, and in the process brought in £826 for the The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.

When presenting the cheque to the Legion last week, center manager Steve Cotney commented, “I would like to say a huge thank you to our shoppers for showing such support for our exhibition and the national Poppy Appeal. We of course felt incredibly proud and honoured to be part of the commemorations which were, and still are, taking place across the country but for our centre in particular, it was a huge privilege to display many personal artefacts and memories from local Surrey residents who wanted to share their stories and treasured possessions.”

“Reading the dedications that were written onto the poppy crosses for our memory wall was incredibly moving but at the same time truly reinforced the popular saying ‘lost but never forgotten’ which is entirely the reason we wanted to host our own exhibition – to honour the fallen!”

Peter Wakeham, Community Fundraiser for the British Legion Surrey added, “From us all at the Royal British Legion a huge thank you to all who took part in the White Lion Walk exhibition and for supporting the Poppy Appeal. The Royal British Legion is Britain’s leading charity protecting the interests, welfare and memory of British serving and ex-Service people and their dependants since 1921. Around 10.5 million people – of all ages – are eligible to approach the Legion for support. Its work is funded through the Poppy Appeal and the donations and sponsorship of individuals, groups and businesses which support its aims, your donations will help the beneficiaries who need us most.”

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Canal Walk Responds to Recent Robberies

1023securityShopping centers in Cape Town, South Africa are having a rough time, as a wave of brazen armed robberies has hit a number of centers. Center management, authorities and government officials are working together to put countermeasures into place as quickly as possible, but in the meantime, shoppers are concerned.

Independent Online has been reporting on the issue, pointing out how difficult it is for businesses to keep keep shoppers’ confidence in a time like this:

The safety of shoppers and tenants at malls has once again been highlighted by a spate of brazen robberies in the Western Cape and Gauteng.

Janine Myburgh, president of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry said the uptick in mall robberies and the methods being employed was of great concern for business in the region.

“The knock-on effect is that shoppers become wary of being in malls and restrict the time they spend there or avoid them altogether. Sharing information with one another is essential for companies to stay informed of new techniques and how to protect themselves.”

Canal Walk is one center that has been affected, with multiple robberies taking place over the course of one particularly bad week.

The center is doing all it can to communicate to shoppers that their safety is its highest concern. It posted a statement online, excerpted below:

“The series of incidents that have occurred at Canal Walk and other shopping centres in Cape Town are a huge concern to us. We take security extremely seriously,” said Canal Walk’s CEO Gavin Wood.

“We have increased our security personnel, and deployed more undercover guards. We will be introducing further technology,which enhances our existing CCTV and other security infrastructure.” He added that the shopping centre’s security personnel will be conducting frequent, but random stop-and-searches at the various entrances. In addition, perimeter fencing and access control will be installed before the busy season. SAPS presence will be enhanced on site. We will continue to work closely with Century City Precinct security who incorporate number plate recognition at their entrances.”

Canal Walk’s management has already met with SAPS at local and provincial level. “We have also confirmed a meeting with Community Safety MEC, Dan Plato with regards to the issues,” Wood said. “Finding a solution requires the involvement of all stakeholders.”

To drive the message home, the center has posted photos on its Facebook of the new security measures, including security checkpoints and a mounted police presence. As a result, it has also given locals a chance to discuss their concerns. It all serves to help ease shoppers’ fears while they’re at home considering whether to visit the mall.

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