#TasteTheChase at Chatswood Chase

424tasteThis month, Chatswood Chase is highlighting its dining offer with A World of Food. If you’re hungry, you might want to grab a snack before going any further.

A World of Food is a gorgeous magazine the center has put together to promote its eateries. You can take a look at it for yourself right here. It offers shoppers all sorts of tips for getting the most out of dining at the center, like where they can eat for just $18. It also brings aboard world-class food bloggers like Jennifer Lam of I Ate My Way Through to offer their own takes on the must-eats of Chatswood Chase.

As part of the dining promotion, the center is promoting donna hay magazine, showing off some of the current issue’s delectable recipes, like Cheat’s Beef & Chorizo Stew (with helpful tips for where to buy the ingredients at the center and a blank page for inspired shopping lists).

Shoppers could also Instagram their dining photos from the center or the featured recipes tagged with #TasteTheChase to enter to win a $1000 center gift card.

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Canadian Centers Celebrate Earth Day

424earthEarth Day is all about each of us doing our part for the planet, so it’s only appropriate that shopping centers around the world each did their part to spread the word and raise awareness of the holiday. Here’s a brief look at how three Canadian centers participated:

  • Chinook Centre hosted the BITS and Pieces Art Fair, an Earth day art exhibit held by the Electronic Recycling Association. The exhibit shone a light on the association’s mission of electronic reuse. Artists worked with the ERA to create installations and art pieces from unwanted electronic scrap. The center highlighted one piece, a Calgary skyline created entirely with recycled materials, and asked shoppers to share their guesses for what went into the piece to win a $150 center gift card.
  • Southgate Centre also gave shoppers a chance to win green prizes. Shoppers who brought in 10 plastic bags or showed off their transit passes were entered to win, as were shoppers who engaged with the center’s Earth Day posts on Facebook and Twitter. The center gave away Rocky Mountain Soap gift baskets, transit passes and Crate and Barrel shop cards. Southgate also took the opportunity to educate shoppers on its many sustainable initiatives.
  • Scarborough Town Centre brought shoppers and staff together to spruce up the neighborhood with its Earth Day Clean Up. The center’s Green Team led shoppers in a community clean-up effort, and made it a celebration of community cooperation. Participants received Earth Day t-shirts, took part in a kick-off ceremony, won great prizes and enjoyed a complementary BBQ lunch.

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Shanghai Expo Axis Reborn as River Mall

The Expo Axis was the heart of Shanghai’s 2010 World Expo, the world’s largest membrane roof at the time of its construction. It served as the entrance to the Expo for the city’s visitors.

Without expo guests to welcome, it could easily have gone to waste. Instead, its operators, the Bailian Group, have turned their efforts toward preserving the unique architecture and turning it toward a long-term purpose: as of today, it re-opens as a four-storey shopping center.

The brand-new River Mall spans the 1-kilometer Expo Axis along the Huangpu River. Boasting 50,000 square meters of retail, restaurants and cinema, the center will work with the remaining expo pavilions to attract tourists and local visitors.

“We can interact with other pavilions at the Expo site to let visitors go shopping, rest or take meals at restaurants after visiting Expo pavilions,” said Li Yulin, general manager of the Shanghai Expo and Bailian Commercial Company.

For a glimpse at one of the unique features of the Expo Axis, check out the video below:

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Oakland Mall Puts Teachers on Jeopardy!

424teacherEarly next month, Oakland Mall will host the 2014 Michigan School Expo. The expo gives families the opportunity to learn about local schools, talk to educators, and find the best opportunities for their children.

Parents have tons of options to explore, with pbulic schools, private academies and even one full-time online K-12 program to look into. The expo is also bringing in extra-curricular educational opportunities, post-secondary options and, of course, the U.S. Army.

For the first time this year, teachers will have a chance to show off their talents to a completely different audience: Jeopardy! viewers. The first 500 full-time K-12 teachers that attend will have the chance to take a brief, ten-question pre-test to determine their eligibility to be a contestant on the show. Those that pass will be given appointments to audition for the real thing.

According to the Daily Tribune, WDIV-Channel 4 (the event’s primary sponsor) will set up a green screen for the event, so kids can play at being weather forecasters and see themselves broadcast on a nearby HD monitor. Local 4 is also bringing along celebrity cutouts so shoppers can pose with big stars and get photographed for the station’s website.

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RetailMeNot Goes Retail With GGP

424retailmeRetailMeNot is a service that aggregates deals and coupon codes from online retailers—a convenient hub for online shoppers to save some cash. It’s been branching out into the brick-and-mortar world, an endeavour that’s gone into hyperspeed with a new announcement.

This week, the coupon marketplace announced a strategic partnership agreement with General Growth Properties, Inc. It will become the preferred digital coupon provider across GGP malls, expanding its purview from traditional marketing to new, in-mall marketing formats. That means rolling out beacon technology to give app users “dynamic, hyper-targeted offers.”

With 14 million global downloads and over 6000 geo-fenced shopping locations already in play, there is undoubtedly already crossover between GGP’s shoppers and RetailMeNot users.

Speaking on the benefits of the partnership, Jill Balis, senior vice president, marketing, RetailMeNot, Inc, said, “In 2013, RetailMeNot simultaneously supported consumers’ savings needs and retailers’ brick-and-mortar sales objectives through in-mall marketing during the holiday shopping season in numerous markets across the U.S. We know in-mall marketing helped RetailMeNot continue to build its brand awareness and introduce a larger segment of U.S. shoppers to RetailMeNot’s free coupon app for iPhone and Android users.”

“Our strategic partnership with GGP will raise RetailMeNot’s profile year-round in premier shopping malls where deal seeking consumers are looking for ways to shop smart and save. We believe this partnership will also drive significant value for GGP’s tenant retailers who utilize RetailMeNot to increase foot traffic and in-store sales.”

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